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I created a few threads on the Ultrasport Message Board to consolidate well wishes, taunts, news reports, etc on Cory. Feel free to chime in…

Click on the link above, select either forum (The organizers created a 2009 race board, but then proceeded to keep the old 2008 board in their site links, so messages to racers are spread out on both forums). Look for a thread entitled “Cory on the Trail” and hit reply to add your comment.

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  1. Peter Brockett
    March 9, 2009

    Holy Smokes. What an accomplishment. We’ve been following this adventure thru the various websites- ITI leaderboard, race news updates, mt bike forum etc from here in balmy Randolph NH.

    Just finished watching the “race to the clouds” (10k up the mt washington auto rd. – Justin Freeman won by a bootlength in a sprint finish) They bill the race as North America’s toughtest 10K. Maybe you can put that myth to rest by describing the 10k of trailbreaking through Rainy Pass.

    Can’t wait to hear “the rest of the story” on this website

    Pete Brockett
    Randolph NH

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