The new normal

Normal. Throughout my achilles tendon healing process, the goal has alway been to get back to normal. But it been so long (10 weeks), I’ve forgotten what normal used to be. Hobbling around on one leg is now normal. A short walk around the neighborhood has become my normal workout.

But I am making progress, and every few days I get a new taste of the old normal. I’m finally doing some easy bike rides again, after holding off for a few weeks because of a minor set-back. On Wednesday, I did orienteering for the first time this year. I walked the Red course. Even though I was slow, it felt great to be back out there. And I didn’t even finish last!

These small bits of my normal life are like rays of sunshine through the clouds. The trick is going to be avoiding another set-back as I increase my activity level. That is a tougher balancing act than I anticipated.




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