About This Site

[Theater lights dim…]

[The triumphant classical overture begins…]

[Cue the baritone-voiced announcer with dramatic intonation…]

And now, the website you’ve all been waiting for…

From the hit-maker that brought you the international sensations FasterSkier.com and XCSkiRacer.com…

A star-studded, action-packed thrillride of a website, so revolutionary you’ll probably check it at least twice…

Endure Fun!

[silence… then crickets chirping]

Ummm, what?

Yes folks, just what the world desperately needs, another blog where one guy spouts off at the keyboard about his own interests. I know the public has been desperately pleading for such a unique site for years now, and the response so far has been nothing short of overwhelming.*

Outside Magazine said “Endure what now?”

The Wall Street Journal said “Yet anther blog trying to milk the cross-country skiing/packrafting cash cow.”

A certain Anchorage Daily News outdoors editor said “I don’t read blogs.”

FasterSkier.com’s lawyers said, “This site is dangerously close to violating Mr. Smith’s noncompete clause.”

And my wife said. “Another #$&%@ing website?!?”

As you can see, this website is a screaming success. Enjoy!

Wait, what’s that you say? The About This Site page was supposed to tell you what this site is about? Really? Are you sure? Well, okay, maybe you should read the FAQ interview.

And one final disclaimer: I rarely proof-read and almost never spell-check my work.  Editing takes too much time, sorry.  Please believe that I’m not nearly as dumb as I sound.

* none of these people actually said any of this, with the notable exception of my wife.

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