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October 5, 2013 / Chugach
July 26, 2011 / Chugach

The Penguin Ridge hike has been on my to-do list for a long time. Tim Kelley first recommended it to me years ago. Like many other local Chugach hikes, I always figured that some weekend, when I had a little extra time, I’ll knock it off my list.…

August 23, 2010 / Chugach
September 17, 2009 / Alaska

It was rainy all day, but the clouds were just high enough to see the mountains. It was a great time, and I was happy to be in my boat, hanging out with great company. A great finish to a less-than-great summer of adventure.…

July 20, 2007 / Chugach
June 16, 2007 / Chugach
August 5, 2006 / Chugach
July 31, 2005 / Chugach