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July 15, 2009 / Anchorage
June 25, 2009 / Run

Today I went for my first run since tearing my Achilles tendon in March. Actually, it was my first run since November. It was the most pathetic run ever – twenty minutes on a track at a 15 minute mile pace – but it was a big step in my rehabilitation. The biggest revelation for me during my injury layoff has been how much I love running.…

June 19, 2009 / Asides

I am out of my walking cast, finally, after three months. Being out of ‘the boot’ really helps me mentally. I don’t have to drag the anchor around all day, being constantly reminded of all the stuff I can’t do.…

May 7, 2009 / Alaska
April 22, 2009 / Anchorage
April 20, 2009 / Alaska
March 31, 2009 / Asides

Swelling is down and no pain, but I still have to wear the cast 24 hours a day. Starting to do a little stretching. …