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May 20, 2011 / Chugach
August 18, 2008 / Chugach
July 13, 2008 / Anchorage
April 10, 2006 / Chugach
August 14, 2005 / Hike
July 31, 2005 / Chugach
July 19, 2003 / Chugach

The Crow Pass Crossing is a foot race through the backcountry of the Chugach Mountains. It starts south of Anchorage, near Girdwood, and travels up and over Crow Pass, down to Eagle River which is about halfway through the race. You then ford Eagle River, which the race entry form describes as a ‘quarter-mile wide, glacier-fed, thigh-deep, torrent’ (its not quite a quarter-mile wide). From there the ‘trail’ (and I used that term loosely) follows Eagle River, with a couple more smaller river crossings, out to the Eagle River Nature Center, which is north of Anchorage and is the finish line. The whole race is between 24 and 28 miles (no one really knows because it is too hard to measure).…